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The photo above shows part of one of three exhibition floors in one of fourteen halls at the Canton Fair, China’s largest trade fair, held semi-annually in Guangzhou, China. The show draws visitors from 200 countries to see more than 55,000 exhibitors.  Total exhibition space is greater than 10 million square feet, and it is filled and refilled three times over a three week period in order to accommodate all exhibitors.

Finding the right company to invest in is like trying to buy the right product at the right price on the Canton Fair exhibit floor.  Great companies and great investments are out there, but predicting which ones will provide the best return in highly competitive industries is a difficult challenge.  The goal of this blog is to share views about some companies that might be particularly rewarding.

Twitter: Heightened Risk, High Reward

Summary Twitter’s Q2 advertising results were dismal. Twitter continues to forecast positive results from its large investments in video streaming. There’s no reason to hurry to invest now. I recently wrote an article titled “Twitter is a potential multi-bagger“. It’s time to reexamine Twitter’s (NASDAQ: TWTR) outlook now in light of last week’s Q2 results… Read

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